M1A1 Thompson (Mafia II)

M1A1 Thompson
M1A1 Thompson Real Life.jpg
A M1A1 Thompson in real life


Produced:1921 - Present
Cartridge:.45 ACP (11.43 × 23 mm)
Effective Range:160 feet (50 metres)
Feed System:30 Round Box Magazine
Weight:4.9 Kilograms

In Game

Shop Bought From:This weapon can not be bought in shops.
Gun Costs:N/A
Magazine Costs:N/A
Total Rounds:120
Total Magazines:4
Rounds per Magazine:30

The M1A1 Thompson is a powerful gun in the game but is limited compared to other weapons with it's 30 round drum. This weapon can't be obtained by any conventional means (Shops), this weapon can only be obtained from the police once you have reached the 4 Star wanted level. Be careful with police which have this gun, one burst of fire is enough to kill Vito.

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