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[edit] Story

Mafia II follow's the story of Vito Scaletta. The game opens with Vito sitting at a table looking through an old picture album. Vito tells of moving to Empire Bay with his father Mr. Scaletta, his mother Mrs. Scaletta, and his sister Francesca Scaletta. How he met Joe Barbaro, and what the two of them did that ended with Vito's arrest. Vito gets the choice to either go to jail, or go to Europe and help fight in the army in Italy. He takes the army route. Chapter 1 begins with Vito and several other army guys retaking the city hall. They fight to the top floor of the building where Vita finds a MG-42 and starts unloading into the enemy troops in the courtyard below. Eventually, a tank comes and blows a hole in the building, knocking Vito and the rest of the guys that aren't dead, unconscious. A cut scene starts where you see enemy troops shooting the Allied forces men in the head with Vito about to be next. Suddenly, another tank comes rolling in with Don Calo, the head of the Sicilian Mob, telling the troops to surrender and that Mussolini was dead. Vito came to respect Don Calo that day. "An entire garrison of troops surrendered that day. Why? Because he told them too."

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